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About Joyouz

Joyouz was formed in August 2017 as an online store and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Trisys Express Pvt Ltd.

We are a unique international network of industry leaders and creative people from all continents and we take advantage of our expertise. This well established network allows us to connect to the most reputable intelligence in various industry sectors and collected up to date information. Today’s information technology allows us to know exactly what the market is looking for, this being the initial step where we want to get involved. Our actual projects were developed based on such market know how that simplifies the entire promotion.


The mission of Trisys Express is to support projects and businesses in creativity, development and management using best practices and set standards in the industry. While most of our projects are developed in-house within our companies, we are also interested to support third party projects with our resources


Trisys Express Pvt Ltd’s vision is to offer start-up companies with a realistic approach to business with all necessary services to succeed in today’s highly competitive market place. While most companies focus on capital investments, we provide a wide range of services through our daughter companies. This is done due to the fact that most new companies do not have an issue with being financed but willingness to understand how to spend available capital efficiently, define their target market, develop a marketing & sales plan, implement theory and expect measurable results.

Focusing on customer satisfaction and joy in shopping Joyouz takes a distinct edge to online shopping. Understanding the needs of the customer with current and future shopping trends, Joyouz sells authentic product from nearly 105 countries satisfying the customer with its availability of online editions increasing day by day.

Innovating right from the start on world class products and delivering goods on time Joyouz aims at cutting down on marketing expenses and keeping our customer happy in the best possible way. We rely on positive customer reviews and satisfied purchases.

Joyouz provides options for you to create a wish list and also provide options for people to sell their products using this platform.

We add wings to your will!!!’